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Costa Rica Office
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P.O Box: 2462-4050
Alajuela, 20101
Costa Rica
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Edify is dedicated to furthering the empowerment of knowledge through innovation.



We believe that education in all its forms is the purpose of our craft.



Between the tension of creative innovation & marketable change we find success.



Our decades of experience in enterprise software development creates an effective but flexible team that match existing processes and infrastructure for the minimum cost and maximum efficiency.

Our team has been central in the development of a variety of educational, learning, and content management systems. Our customers rely upon our pragmatic computer science practice with a comprehension of the education and knowledge marketplace. We offer strategic solutions that encompass our customers' organizational culture, business needs and lifecycle development processes.

Our decades of experience in enterprise software development creates an effective but flexible team. We strive to match existing processes and infrastructure for the minimum cost and maximum efficiency.


We believe that the educational world and e-learning are constantly growing, the future will consist of fully immersive experiences.

At Edify we believe that we live in a knowledge powered world. Our vision is to combine some of the most talented computer scientists to engage the forefront of education technology. That vision powers our knowledge based world. As we see change across the globe we also recognize that societies and individuals are awakening to the power they hold over our combined future. Only through excellent education can we create a future where all are treated equally and given great opportunities to contribute.

Computer science as a discipline has proven an excellent tool for scaling massive change inside existing social systems. Our vision is to empower ourselves, our partners, and our customers through exceptional technology innovation.

We recognize that not only through our own efforts but the collaborative efforts of others we create an innovative education marketplace and opportunities for a better future for humanity.

We are a passionate group of strategic thinkers and creative minds, pushing way beyond the boundaries of e-learning.

Diego Munguía

Diego Munguía / Partner & Senior Software Architect


Software architect experienced in delivering technological solutions for financial institutions, commercial businesses and educational organizations, with strong skills for designing software components and modeling databases. Currently focused on learning management systems and content management systems; particularly interested in designing solutions exploiting collective intelligence and knowledge discovery from content. Also interested in academic work on cognitive science research to improve HCI on computer mediated learning processes. Diego holds a BS in computer engineering from Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica and is currently pursuing a MSc in cognitive science from Universidad de Costa Rica.

Jennifer Beals

Jennifer Beals / Partner & Operations Manager


Jennifer focuses on Operations Management and North American Client Relations. Her background is in Technical Support, Network Engineering and Project Management, she honed these skills at Norfolk Southern Railroad, Tachyon and Earthlink before heading up Roundbox Global. She spent the last 10 years at RBX learning the ins and out of owning, managing and growing a 3 person company in her living room to a multi-national software development organization with offices in the US, Costa Rica and Chile. She has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems from Kennesaw State University. She is a self proclaimed foodie who loves to travel the world with her husband, Justin. She also enjoyes seeing indie films, concerts and art shows in her free time.

Federico Hess

Federico Hess / Partner & Software Architect


Federico is a software architect and developer with extensive experience in J2EE application design and development chiefly in the education technology industry. His main areas of interest include performance analysis and optimization and business rule engine implementations for large, complex systems. He holds an MSc and a BS in Computer Science at the University of Costa Rica, where his research has focused on machine learning and bio-inspired computation. Federico's non-work interests include music, travel and reading about psychology and physics.

Javier Pérez

Javier Pérez / Partner & Software Architect


Javier is a technical manager and software architect with extensive experience managing teams and implementing enterprise solutions in several industries (education, financial, e-commerce, marketing, gambling, data mining). He has great technical skills to design and build application services/tools applying mature open source technologies (J2EE, Php, Ruby), but also he has developed soft skills to organize, lead, manage and coordinate small to large project teams. He holds a BS in Computer Science at the Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica (ITCR). Out of the office Javier invests his time practicing sports (non-professional triathlon, soccer) and spending quality time with his family.

Julio Arias

Julio Arias / Partner & Software Architect


Julio is a Web application developer and open source lover. He works with different technologies from Java, Ruby to NodeJS. He is always looking for the next cool and interesting technology. From backend to UI he concentrates his efforts on achieving the best experience for the end user. Julio holds a BS in computer engineering from Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica. His interests outside of Edify are surfing, music and conservation of Costa Rica’s natural wonders.

Jasson Cascante

Jasson Cascante / Partner & Software Architect


Geek and hacker by heart. He's been a front end developer for about eleven years, honored with the first of his awards at the age of 17. Passionate about web standards, mobile technologies and engaging user experiences as he is, you'll most often find him speaking at conferences, presenting online seminars, or just enjoying the chance to share ideas and brainstorm with other developers. Jasson is passionate about open source and has been contributor for world known projects like jQuery UI, PhoneGap and Appcelerator Titanium and is the creator of other not-so-famous libraries and tools. He has been technical reviewer in books used by the government entities as a benchmark to evaluate their web sites' effectiveness. He likes to research on new ways to make web applications, read sci-fi, play backgammon and drink coffee.

Adrián Porras

Adrián Porras / Partner & Software Architect


Adrián is a seasoned Project Lead and Technical Manager with development skills in Ruby, PHP, J2EE and mobile platforms. Adrian has also deployed, and supported multiple application tiers across complex production environments. He has extensive experience doing technical training for development and support teams, developing Learning Managing Systems and other types of applications like MMO games. Adrian holds a BS in Computer Science from Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica.

Come work with us!

Interested in working with an innovative group of collaborators in a relaxed and fun work environment? We are always looking for talented individuals to join the Edify family. Edify is not a typical company, we value our team members input, life experience and cultural differences.

We believe the education and technology work we do together can contribute to a better world. We are always looking for talented individuals to join the Edify team.
What are you waiting?. Send us your resume:


We have a deep understanding of e-learning. Our knowledge is the bridge between a creative idea and an exceptional execution.

We put our client's needs first by adapting to different development processes, ranging from the waterfall approach to agile development. Our team integrates successfully with management, quality assurance, business analysis and user experience design teams.

Software architecture

We provide strategic design services for robust, high performance technology solutions that embrace our customers' business needs.

Software engineering

We are engaged in all aspects of software application design and development, either by providing and managing our own in-house development team or by providing key persons to incorporate in the customer's team.

We build the tracks for your company to go into the right course during the necessary time to achieve success and continue on it...

Great ideas come from all around us. They are an essential part of a creatively effective team. But to see those ideas brought to action is what builds great success. We believe that through collaboration with Edify great ideas get exceptional execution. Exceptional execution means that the technology product we develop for you is effective for your customers, essential to your business, and empowering your future.

We also believe that exceptional success is not gained one single formula of project methodology or software architecture.

It is instead an expression of the most applicable tools, processes, and talent to executing your vision. Our engagements are customized from our experience with all types of project methodology, technologies, and architectures to the most applicable key performance indicators as defined by our customers. We are active listeners, expressing solutions through our customers success.

If you're interested in specific technologies or talents we have on staff please let us know. We'd be happy to show what our experience has to offer.